Social Media Marketing

social_media_marketingSocial media marketing helps the companies and businessman to reach beyond their local customer , get large customer base and grow the business exponentially .

The social media marketing helps a company to increase its brand awareness , create curiosity among customers about its products and business .

The social media helps the companies and businesses to target the intended audience , get the insight into the preference of the customers and build relationships with them for longer business relations .



Social Media Consulting & Marketing Services

digital_marketingIf you are not active on major social networking sites like FB, Google plus, Twitter and others, you are losing out on a successful marketing avenue.

64% of internet marketers are using social media for six hours or more weekly. Social media has become an important part of the internet marketing strategy for your business. InheritX is a leading social media marketing & consulting service provider company in India, offers social media audit and competitive analysis services. We will teach you how to take advantage of social media sites to drive visitors to your website.

Our social media marketing strategy is made of 3 important elements like communication, promotion and brand management.

At Web Touch, we utilize relevant social media marketing techniques to help businesses grow and meet goals. We create and manage social media campaigns for business. Our company manages high authority social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin etc.

Our Social Media Marketing Services from Web Touch:

  • Social media strategy development
  • Social media management tool
  • Online reputation management
  • Community outreach management

Why Web Touch for Social Media Marketing Services?

There are different types of social networking sites are available in the internet marketing world. On social media platform, we target those users who are most likely to convert into potential customers. We have created a target group based on some important factors like users’ interests, preferences, and demographics.

Our social media experts have extensive experience using social media management tools. We connect with other users, create groups to interact, share content and join communities based on relevant businesses.