Mongo DB

MongoDB is a document-oriented database. Instead of storing your data in tables made out of individual rows, like a relational database does, it stores your data in collections made out of individual documents.

MongoDB is a fast becoming industry level trends and is gaining most popularity for its powerful query language and its easy to transition from relational database and to NoSQL database. With increasing implementation of Big Data technologies, it is a natural progression for the organizations to look for MongoDB skills.

According to a report by Allied Market Research, the growing awareness of the benefits of NoSQL over RDBMS has resulted in increased demand for MongoDB skills, especially in sectors like, social networks, retail and e-commerce.



MYSQL is the most popular language for adding, accessing and managing content in a database.



Apache Cassandra is one of the best open-source project for distributed NoSQL database. Cassandra supports higher availability, Scale out and replication across datacenters

We are providing best Apache Cassandra training in Chennai by experienced professionals. This course syllabus is designed to learn Apache Cassandra course from beginner level to advanced level

Using this course you learn fundamental Big Data, NoSQL characteristics, Cassandra Architecture, Install and Configuration. And also covered Indexes, Security, Data Migration and Performance Tuning on Cassandra

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